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Premier Turbotax Installation


TurboTax Premier is an exclusive product for Investors, traders and rental property owners. In short, the product helps citizens whose primary income is not from a salary but investments such as Growth, Stock, Property, Security, Debt and cash instruments. Premier helps you classify and crystallize all segments of investment income neatly reported as a Tax Return automatically by sourcing information from various submitted financial dossiers.  Certainly, Premier is an upgraded product to suit Investors and property lease out owners but retains the essential features of Basic and Deluxe. Let’s go around to learn some of the sharp all-round features built inside Premier.

  • Premier accurately calculates Cost Basis Value for all your Stocks, Property and Mutual Funds’ investments and reports true capital gains and losses incurred over the period of taxation. Other uncommon investments include Employee Stock options, Cryptocurrency trades and bonds as well.
  • Premier computes income from rental properties and adjusts depreciation to arrive and report a true value to gain considerable tax savings.
  • Retrospectively analyze your tax history. Slice and dice historical data to essay maximum tax savings and subsequent refunds.
  • Premier also assists in enhancing tax savings during the end stage of retirement to let you breathe a huge sigh of relief post retirement.

Installation of TurboTax Premier on Windows Computers


This is a ‘How-to’ Manual on TurboTax Premier Installation on your Windows based Computers and Laptops. In Windows Operating systems, it is not recommended to not keep any open programs running whilst any software is being installed as this may disrupt registry functions and alter restore points for Windows affecting any System recovery process. This is just a caution and not a serious worry though. We must disable Windows and third party Anti-Virus and Firewall apps instantaneously to prevent any barring.

TurboTax Premier – Web Download & Installation :

Assuming that you have the updated version downloaded earlier from the TurboTax website, now let’s jump over to spot the exe file on Downloads or Desktop folder or a folder you specially use to save all your downloads if there happens to be one.

If you are puzzled about its whereabouts, then just do a general search using Windows Search with explicit search strings state below.

  • Get into Windows Search Box and put in ‘W_Turbotax’ and check for .exe file to find and install your TurboTax Premier for working on Federal Tax Returns.
  • In case of State Income Tax Returns, the search string is ‘W_State’ . Enter that in the Search box to find and install your TurboTax Premier. Double clicking the downloaded exe file to install and launch the program for use.

CD/DVD Process :

As you push in the CD into the optical drive slot, the AutoPlay program is called upon and it tries to identify the type of CD inserted. If AutoPlay recognizes an executable file, it tries to run and install the program systematically with user permission. In rare cases, the AutoPlay program misses to locate the file but still asks the user what to do next ?

  • Use the Windows and R keys to launch the Run Window on the computer screen.
  • Mark down and left click the Mouse button on the Browse button to start searching the exe file on Drive D (presumably the CD/DVD Drive).
  • Once you see the exe setup file, you found what you had wanted. It’s time to Run the setup file with the help of a double click.
  • TurboTax stands installed now but demands an activation. One can see an activation prompt message. ‘ Your Product is installed, now let’s activate it’. Complete the Activation to fully use TurboTax Premier with a 14-digit license code supplied along with the purchase. Be it software download or online purchase.

That’s all it is !! Now. Let’s go saving dollars !!!

Installation of TurboTax Premier on Mac Computers

Mac Computers installs TurboTax in a totally different way than Windows Computers though not really cumbersome.

  • Let the TurboTax CD be thrusted into the drive of the Mac System. Open the .dmg file inside the TurboTax Software Folder . When doing any of these, this will open up a Virtual Drive on Mac’s Desktop. Open it first.
  • Expect a Pop up Window cropping up with operating instructions on the install and the launch. Drag & Drop the TurboTax icon identified by Red Check button to the Applications Folder which is housed inside the very same pop up window. The Applications Folder on the Desktop can be safely ignored.
  • TurboTax Premier is fully installed and just needs the Activation part alone to start working. When the message flashes ‘Your Product is installed, now let’s activate it’, input the License Code in a License text box and finish the activation process with a final Continue selection.

That’s it ! Navigate to the Application Folder and double click the TurboTax file spotted inside but not from the virtually created drive.


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