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TurboTax Home & Business is purely built bearing in mind the interests of Independent Contractors, self- employed and business owners. Salaried and Business Tax Returns preparation are never one and the same not even similar. It also converts approximation to accuracy in expenses management for expense heads like fuel, telephone, food and telephone supplies.

Let’s dive in to understand how this product adds exceptional value to self-employed tax payers.

  • Reclaim every possible dollar through our comprehensive deduction finding mechanism in a given line of business or Industry. Tax Payers are generally unaware of such tailored deductions proposed by the IRS and make costly mistakes due to sheer ignorance. The businesses range from Tech Services, Online Business, design consulting and realty.
  • Direct Telephone support with TurboTax experts and similar businesses not just in the instance of an audit but also for clarifying doubts and answers to queries.
  • QuickBooks is complementary addition to the product to help the user record, track and analyze actual day to day expenses.
  • Generates clean and error-free tax forms such as W-2 and 1099 for salaried full-time and part time contractors as well.

Installation of TurboTax Home & Business on Windows Computers


The Primer below gives lucid instructions on how to install TurboTax Home & Business product on Windows Operating Systems. Let’s follow the Windows advisory of closing down all programs, such as Word , Excel , Browsers and other third party applications and not to open them concurrently during the installation process. Doing so will impact Registry and System Restore functions inadvertently although no serious damage happens. Simultaneously, turn off Anti-virus and Firewall programs for a short while after which it can be enabled back again.

Software Download & Installation Procedure :

TurboTax is an easy and quick download from the website. The Download is usually saved on the exclusive Downloads folder or on Desktop/Other folder if you specially requested it. It is possible for users to forget the saved location for which some of the search strings may help. The Search strings are declared below.

  • TurboTax Federal Program software can be returned with search syntax ‘W_TurboTax’ and choose the executable file.
  • TurboTax State Program Software can be returned with search syntax ‘W_State’ wherein the State can be replaced by actual state you are resident of.

Go on to launch the TurboTax Program Software by clicking it twice instantaneously.

Installation through CD/DVD :

  • Use the Windows & R Keys on the Keyboard to get the Run Window displayed on the screen.
  • You need to click the Browse button on the Run window to find and select the exe file on the Windows Explorer window on the select Drive folder.
  • Go on to launch the TurboTax Program Software by clicking the exe file
  • The final frontier is the activation after launching the program which is still unlicensed. Key in the 14 digits License key shared with you. You may also find it on Labels on the CD or mail or on the receipt. Continue should be clicked at last to finish the activation successfully.

There you go !! Now, the Income tax preparation is as good as half done..

Installation of TurboTax Home & Business on Mac Computers

Let’s install and activate TurboTax Home & Business on Mac Systems in 5 minutes flat.

  • Push in the TurboTax CD right into the physical drive of Mac. This should generate a new drive on Mac’s desktop. For a downloaded version, locate the .dmg file on Downloads and click it twice.
  • You may see the TurboTax Red Icon which should be hauled into a folder named Applications which is spotted on a new emerging pop up window. This Application folder is unique to this process and nowhere related to the desktop Application folder of Mac.
  • The Product now launches itself but prompts you to go ahead with the Activation by showing up an activation notice ‘Your Product is installed, now let’s activate it’. The moment has come where Activation or License code should be inputted inside the text box. When clicking on Continue at last, the product gets activated. License Code can be retrieved from the product label or order statement.

That concludes the Home & Business activation!! Finally, open the program by double clicking inside the Applications Folder to get started on your Income Tax Returns & Filing process.


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